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Ray Panko

Ray Panko

One of Pacific Aviation Museum’s knowledgeable docents and aircraft researchers, Ray has been volunteering his time at the Museum since it opened in December 2006. His day job is Professor of IT Management, Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii. His special focus is spreadsheet errors and governance. Ray has been conducting research on end user computing since the 1980s.


Richard "Scotty" Scott

Commander Scott USN (Ret) has proudly served his Country since 1968. Throughout the years “Scotty” has been a Designated Naval Aviator, acquiring 5300 hours in flight with such aircraft as the F4, A4 and S3. He has served on 70 combat missions, taken 550 Trap landings, and was a Top Gun Graduate. He was a Captain for United Airlines (Ret) and flew 757, 767, 747, and A320, and acquired 13,000+ flight hours.


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